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This is way better than a ShamWow

Holy crap, do you see this? Do you see what it is doing? Want. (via WTF Japan Seriously?)

omfg recipe: Canned Caramel

First, I really want to recommend the blog Grill a Chef. Second, I really want to recommend that you make this recipe from the GaC blog today. I will, too. We’ll compare notes. It’ll be fun. Agreed. Basically canned caramel is taking a can of sweetened condensed milk, putting it in a pot of water [...]

Stamp + Stapler = The Stampler

“Why would you ever buy a normal stapler again?” I can think of a few reasons, but this is still fantastic. (link via HolyCool; purchase at SUCK UK)


Kinda really want. (via HolyCool.net; Buy here)

Connect the dots calendar

HolyCool.net posted about this rad Dot To Date Calendar, designed by Dan Usiskin. Simple stuff. Each month is a card with numbered dots for each day. You connect a dot a day throughout the month, culminating in the completed drawing of a London landmark. The back of each card gives information about that month’s landmark. [...]

Don’t need… NEED!

I don’t think I need to explain what ToastStrips is and what it does. I only need to tell you that I love it. Hey, and it’s only 4 bucks! (purchase at Perpetual Kid, link via Oh Gizmo!)

Awesome Threadless design: Woodchucks

Want. (available at Threadless)

Why am I just now hearing about this?!

It’s floss… that’s flavored…. flavored like breakfast! (I fucking love waffles.) (via Weird Universe)

State of the Obvious

Here’s some cool, meta shit from Mash Creative. You can buy this cool, meta shit, too, on their website. (via HolyCool)


JAMBOX is a portable, stylish wireless speaker for iPhone (et al). The video makes it seem like it can fill a room, but not so much that you can throw away your fancy Bose system. Just thinking of how excellent this would be for rehearsals or even play proposals with the Neos. ($199 at Jawbone)




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