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The highlight of my morning

I give good advice.

Twitter plays, part CV

NOTE: Because of difficulties with the NY Neo-Futurist blog software, we’re posting this weeks’ Twitterplays here on @happierman‘s website. Sorry for the delay. And now… It’s Twitter Plays CV! This week’s assignment was to write a 1-tweet play that features some form of EXERCISE EQUIPMENT or MACHINE. Here are your plays, starting with @littlebirdwords‘s ode [...]

The whole economy is a Foxworthy joke

(via @C_Winston)

Neil Gaiman: nice man on Twitter

A Neil Patrick Harris fan reaches out to the wrong famous Neil on Twitter. Confusion-larity and a friendly ending ensue. (“Sorry doll. What do you do?”) (via The Daily What)

About that new logo…

Amid the social media mayhem surrounding the new (and now old) Gap logo, the new iTunes logo went a bit under the radar. Well, those who did pay attention didn’t have a ton of good to say. And fake iTunes 10 logo don’t care:




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