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Wordclouds of Obama & Palin speeches

High Definite posted these really fascinating wordclouds. (Click either one for larger.) First is Obama’s memorial speech last night in AZ: Next is Palin’s facebook speech from yesterday: (via High Definite)

I am both a witch AND you

From what little I know of Christine O’Donnell’s politics, I think I don’t support her (Tea Party, anti-gay marriage, lockstep partisan, etc.) But let me offer this: like Sarah Palin, is O’Donnell suffering from from covert sexist coverage? (source story) Few people (and no rational people in power) would dare suggest that either woman is [...]

Kettle chips and juice boxes: making America gay!

It’s violates my personal mandate not to give political blowhards any of my discussion time no matter how insane or widespread their message, but this is just amazing. There’s no political debate here, just tinfoil-hat perfection.


Bryan Caplan at EconLog takes on the “stupid people shouldn’t have kids” notion. It’s a short read packed with lots of sense, even with just a twinge of straw man techniques. What’s interesting to me is his anti-cynic cynical stance on those (like me and probably you, too) who feel intellectually superior to the general [...]

what they’re doing in Florida

They’re burning Qurans in Florida, and USA Today asks if this is a hate crime or freedom of speech or whether or not this act endangers American troops overseas. And I think that these questions miss the point entirely and deliberately. They’re burning Qurans in Florida, and the Dove World Outreach Center endorses a handful [...]




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