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These things disappoint me.

I spent yesterday morning being angry (actually & viscerally angry) at Sarah Palin for her “blood libel” speech. My emotions disappointed me. I read comment after comment from my predominantly liberal friends on Twitter last week trying to direct the blame for the Giffords shooting at Republicans, effectively turning an IRL tragedy into self-oblivious attacks [...]

smart reads for your weekend ahead

Building a Nation of Know-Nothings (NY Times) Multi-culturalism and its Discontents (Big Questions Online) Is it possible to not have a smart phone? (Paul Graham) How to Edit a Poem with a Friend (Good Word Editing)

A haiku for people who think Barack Obama is a Muslim

He’s not.

Some people like to protest really hard

The music says “upbeat corporate training video.” The lyrics say “we listen to a LOT of talk radio.”




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