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haiku #1008 (midterms)

I wish we could have watched cartoons instead of that election night mess.

haiku #1007: written on KGB stoop before rehearsal

Red bean cake and time (to) travel when/where I can… or cannot. Who cares.

what they’re doing in Florida

They’re burning Qurans in Florida, and USA Today asks if this is a hate crime or freedom of speech or whether or not this act endangers American troops overseas. And I think that these questions miss the point entirely and deliberately. They’re burning Qurans in Florida, and the Dove World Outreach Center endorses a handful [...]

haikus #1003 – 1006 (irony)

#1003 (litter) You throw out your trash, but why? Socialism is tearing us apart. #1004 (lotto) He won the Lotto, but quickly declined his prize. Taxes were too high. #1005 (water) Water remembers like muscles, learning lessons in reflex and strain. #1006 (health care) Health care costs fortunes we do not have. War’s different. No [...]


Pretend this is about love— a poem about love. If it helps, I will break it into short, five line stanzas. But it won’t rhyme. You’ll have to pretend that, too. I don’t want to mess around with thesauri and dictionaries. It’s disappointing, I know. But don’t get caught up in prejudiced notions of form. [...]

trailer for HOWL

James Franco plays Allen Ginsberg in HOWL. Don Draper is his lawyer. Release date: September 24.

what was there

There used to be a fireplace there. It’s still there, really, but not. It’s been covered over in cement, a final dousing of the evening flame. Now it is solid wall, painted dark green, the oak mantle still framing this staged hole, a headstone for the fireplace that was. But no matter that we have [...]

bad pear haiku

To be fair, I can’t truly call it the worst pear. I only chewed twice.

smart reads for your weekend ahead

Building a Nation of Know-Nothings (NY Times) Multi-culturalism and its Discontents (Big Questions Online) Is it possible to not have a smart phone? (Paul Graham) How to Edit a Poem with a Friend (Good Word Editing)

A haiku for people who think Barack Obama is a Muslim

He’s not.




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