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MTA Time Lapse: Corona Subway yard

There’s something oddly satisfying about watching this full train yard empty out.

Nostalgia Trains

The MTA is trotting out these 1930s era trains for you to ride. The R1-9 model cars will be running on the M line from Queens Plaza to 2nd Ave every Sunday until December 26. Departures from 2nd Ave on those days will be at 10:01 AM, 11:31 AM, 1:01 PM, 2:30 PM, and 4:01 [...]

Ad review: she’s going to need back surgery

Without fail, when I see ASA’s impossibly busty super-woman (below), I can’t help but linger. I suppose it’s natural for men (especially) to be drawn toward imagery of curvy women, but I don’t think that’s the case here. Notice how completely sexless this ad is. In fact, of all the Photoshopping of women’s breasts in [...]

New ad up at 45th St station

The doors of the R train shut before I could get the camera activated, but I did manage to catch this subway ad. Very funny, but I’m curious what it’s selling. (The full phone number, btw, is 888-743-4335. Maybe I’ll call it when I’m at lunch.) UPDATE: Jaime Green tells me it’s for a movie. [...]

Maps? I love maps!

If you know me (or are really capable and stealthy at reconnaissance), you know I love maps, and especially transit maps. I love the MTA Subway map for NYC. So I was interested in learning that there’s a such thing as Kickmap. Kickmap has its own, independent take on the NYC MTA Subway maps. And [...]

Spoiler Alert

MTA subway signs by Jason Eppink (via The Daily What)




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