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This is just embarrassing.

At one point the world derisively sneered at those who “got their news from The Daily Show.” But then the world figured out that The Daily Show is news and that the news is entertainment, and these viewers are a large, vital demographic. So let’s take our newscast one step further and do sketch comedy [...]

Kettle chips and juice boxes: making America gay!

It’s violates my personal mandate not to give political blowhards any of my discussion time no matter how insane or widespread their message, but this is just amazing. There’s no political debate here, just tinfoil-hat perfection.

what they’re doing in Florida

They’re burning Qurans in Florida, and USA Today asks if this is a hate crime or freedom of speech or whether or not this act endangers American troops overseas. And I think that these questions miss the point entirely and deliberately. They’re burning Qurans in Florida, and the Dove World Outreach Center endorses a handful [...]

trailer for HOWL

James Franco plays Allen Ginsberg in HOWL. Don Draper is his lawyer. Release date: September 24.

smart reads for your weekend ahead

Building a Nation of Know-Nothings (NY Times) Multi-culturalism and its Discontents (Big Questions Online) Is it possible to not have a smart phone? (Paul Graham) How to Edit a Poem with a Friend (Good Word Editing)

NY Post (Times’ Weekender Spoof)

It’s cheaper than Skittles!




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