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Math troll

Either a really terrible student or a graffiti troll has struck this subway ad near my apartment. What the hell is going on in this unnecessarily complicated long division problem? I spent about 2 minutes staring at it trying to figure out how they even got off on this very wrong track. So, did they [...]

Modern art equation

I’d say this goes back to the inspiration/perspiration/genius quote. Also, yay math. (Print by Craig Damrauer; link via Laughing Squid)


… because it is so AMAZING! (via The Daily What)

Today’s meme-quation

NOM + OMFG = NOMFG (via @calindrome, regarding the previous Sandwich Alarm)

Look around you – MATHS!

You won’t see many funnier math videos today. Really brilliant. Really hilarious. (via Jill Beckman)

f(ice cream)

Yesterday I mentioned ice cream. Most days I mention ice cream, so let’s start over. In light of yesterday’s closing line about ice cream, let’s segue into a good and true story of ice cream. Let’s call this story “The Jackson Cone: a recursive ice cream function.” Or we could also call it “f(x) = [...]




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