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Poor Jim

(created by Gaywrites, via I Love Charts)


(via I Love Charts)

beautiful/interesting (pastor comes out)

Despite my trepidation toward TV news stories, I found this item (video below) about a Georgia megachurch pastor to be particularly moving. Pastor Jim Swilley, who’s hidden his homosexuality for decades while building a large Christian congregation, decided to come clean about his sexual orientation in light of the explosion of media coverage of gay [...]

A manifesto for all getting along

Backhanded tolerance is not okay. Discomfort IS okay as long as it is acknowledged and dealt with openly/honestly. Archetypes in the wrong hands are stereotypes and should be avoided. Certain words/phrases are limited to certain groups. We should accept this and move forward. Reparations take longer than one generation. Your sexual proclivities are beautiful and [...]

Voldemort makes a good point…

(via The Daily What)




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