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I don’t that says what you think it says.

(via The Daily What)

Cooking! Pictures! <3!

Katie Shelly’s Picture Cook explodes my head with its genius simplicity: recipes told entirely in pictures. (via Laughing Squid)

State of the Obvious

Here’s some cool, meta shit from Mash Creative. You can buy this cool, meta shit, too, on their website. (via HolyCool)

Ism Chart

Useful. (via I Love Charts)

About that new logo…

Amid the social media mayhem surrounding the new (and now old) Gap logo, the new iTunes logo went a bit under the radar. Well, those who did pay attention didn’t have a ton of good to say. And fake iTunes 10 logo don’t care:

Kitchen Dog’s 20th Season

Kitchen Dog Theater is in its 20th Season. (I worked there during the 9th-11th seasons, and I still assemble their website each season from afar.) The artwork, though, is created and designed by Rob Wilson & design firm Sullivan Perkins who still make evocative poster art that’s brilliant in its simple clarity. (source: Rob Wilson)

Nerd hoodie at Threadless!

I see what you did there… (available at Threadless, link via The Daily What)

art vs. not art

Here’s a thoughtful interview at BigThink.com with graphic designer Milton Glaser on what is art, what is not art, and why it is important. And I’m always amused by the definition of ‘fine art’ because I never knew what the word ‘fine’ meant until I looked it up and found out that ‘fine’ as it [...]




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