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How to review a show – a manifesto ver 0.2*

NOTE: This is a manifesto-in-progress. It’s not righteous or applicable to everyone. It’s just something I’m working on for myself, to help me (as an artist) better process what I see others creating and to avoid what, to me, are nigh-inescapable eddies of snark, condescension, bitterness, and posturing that come from discussing art. Enjoy, steal, [...]


Erica showed me this fantastic video last night by Italian artist Adriano Celentano. Celentano composed the song of pure gibberish in 1972, and it’s going into constant rotation in my head now. (There, I just made a little heart with my hands… in my mind.) (see also: chacarron)

Hey! That’s me. And I’m in the new FAB Cafe!

My friend Anton took a bunch of great pictures from the official opening night (Wed 1/12) of the Cafe, which is on E 4th St between 2nd Ave & Bowery. Here’s me and the Jillian (click the image for more photos of other people & of the lovely artwork that we’re staring at):

Water sculptures

Artist Shinichi Maruyama created these beautiful video water sculptures. Water Sculpture from Shinichi Maruyama on Vimeo. (via Boing Boing; video by Shinichi Maruyama

That’s not an art. THIS is an art.

Letters of Note posted this 1960 letter from comedian Steve Allen to Village Voice writer Nat Hentoff, following Hentoff’s article questioning negative reviews of not-yet-legendary comic Lenny Bruce. A couple of things held my attention: 1) Art is taste to the public, but community to the artists; 2) Steve Allen not only promotes his autobiography [...]

Panasonic Lumix: because nothing is art anymore.

An admittedly funny spot (“How did you compensate for the diminished light?” “Very well. Thank you.”), Panasonic plays up the generations-old stereotype of all art snobbery as wine-sniffing receptions to admire the emperor’s fancy new robes. And while I’d like to not get huffy about the simplemindedness of these phony photography aficionados, I would like [...]

An audience’s righteous entitlement & a sad capitulation from the 92nd Street Y

So apparently Steve Martin was at the 92nd Street Y last night talking with Deborah Solomon. For $50, you could have sat in the audience and listened to Solomon (NYT columnist) talk with Martin about his newest book, An Object of Beauty: A Novel, and discuss art (Martin has long been an avid collector). Also, [...]

An explanation of art for America-loving peoples

Okay, listen. Just because you vote red and pray a lot and value some historical notions of white, suburban community moral-coding doesn’t mean you should just throw some shitty clichés together into a pop song template and ignore your own stories for the sake of pre-processed Americana. You can be Republican and/or Christian and actually [...]

Modern art equation

I’d say this goes back to the inspiration/perspiration/genius quote. Also, yay math. (Print by Craig Damrauer; link via Laughing Squid)

Shaken Plants

This is fantastic. As is the featured comment on the Youtube page: “i like the part when the plant shakes” (via It’s Nice That)




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