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Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising

Whoa. Not cool, Brazil.

I don’t want to be the everything’s-a-double-entendre guy, but this ad agency should know better. Or just cultural differences, maybe? Happy Thanksgiving! (via AdFreak)

Mad Men über Alles

I don’t remember where I got this image from, but I found it this morning while looking for something else unrelated to Mad Men -comma- the German language. Anyway, the Germans have an interesting way of marketing AMC’s hit show. Translation: Behind every successful woman, there’s a man staring at her ass.

Fascist panda strongly urges you to reconsider your consumer choices

(via Callie Kimball)

This might need an explanation

The Social Network poster parody

(via The High Definite)

I don’t understand what the big deal is…

…with this ad. No, wait. I see. Nevermind. (story)

from the mouth of Rush Limbaugh

My friends, don’t ever try to hug a polar bear. You will die. A polar bear will rip your head off. If a polar bear shows up in your driveway, run for the hills—or don’t leave your house. Do not go out there and let it hug you.”

Admiral Akbar as Ole Miss mascot

So this commercial aired last night during the Boise State/Virginia Tech game. I would like to throw my support fully behind this!

Ad review: she’s going to need back surgery

Without fail, when I see ASA’s impossibly busty super-woman (below), I can’t help but linger. I suppose it’s natural for men (especially) to be drawn toward imagery of curvy women, but I don’t think that’s the case here. Notice how completely sexless this ad is. In fact, of all the Photoshopping of women’s breasts in [...]




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