Charlie Sheen’s rant re-translated from the German

Thanks to Leah Winkler for the transcription of Charlie’s rant. Here’s the version I got from translating it to German and back.

Inclination. My inclination. It is all inclination. They would borrow my brain for like five minutes and would be like „Geck! It cannot treat! Separate this hybrid, because it fires in a kind, which is not possibly from this certain realm.

That is…, which is to. That does not have anything to do with me. They are permit I assume, in order to interpret things, how they must. Doctor of. From what are they a doctor? Wow, which does this means. Wow. And then which? What is the healing? Medicine? Do you educate me like it? To happen not going.

I Bi-win. I win here and I win there. Now which? If I am the polar Bi not there moments in those a chap such as aborts am? How in the corner like… oh my God it is my whole Mamma disturbance! Stop the lip! Stop the lip! Stop… move forward.

Oh yeah yeah. Radical people. Like Sean Penn and Mel Gibson and Colin Ferrell and straight radical people and it explain me which not to do. They did not give me advice and within its give it to large advice. There is straight love. So straight,… it sets to see frequently says unknown firmly time, but occasionally an enormous fixed tent name comes, constantly by your caller identification and it is how. .winning!

Use… uh see. I do not use. I use a mixing machine, vacuum cleaner, I use uh, you… Household individual parts know. As was the last mark I taken or drugs did take? Use is such more stupidly around expression or expression a AA. I do not remember. I do not remember. Possibly one month ago. I do not know six weeks. It was a few days, before the complaints rolled inside and change said it. Change everything. We close you down. The last mark took I drugs over, which I probably took to more, than everyone could survive. They know? I do not know man, whom I struck seven gram rock and terminated her, because that is, as I roll. I have a speed. I have a gear wheel: Go. Because….cause me are I. Cause me are I. I am different. I have another constitution. I have another brain. I have another heart. I have a different….I can accept man much. Dying is for fools. Dying is for admirers. Now there are certain mixtures, which I not maintenance, because that is, as people descend….I am too intelligently, too intelligent, to do… for the chaps I’m sorry who happened, but you should have read the directions before you showed up the party. They know. Around No. I have straight a few guidelines. I do not have a strategy. Sure. It is perfect. Perfectly. No. It is not better. Perfectly. It does not compare. Whole differently. Different realnesses of the whole one. There are large things over both. Which I link up now, is… excellent IS-IS. They know. Focused. It is exciting. It is exciting. I have…. I returned from a place that you know that people can set stickers on it. They can find their own material out…. they can like to normalize attempt it, normalize it, which boring stupidly, it to know….and it is fine. But….but for me, I answered straight to a higher designation and it happened in one instant and I am like totally excited by it. No. Because I go not too. Period. The end. I flashed… me flashed and I cured my brain. That is….everyone has the energies. Because everyone, which you know. Is not can cancer of happen. Inclination happened cancer of. I cannot do it. The Nike slogan does not say „straight attempt it “. Uhhh o.k. attempts it simply. No. Straight one mans it. I mean. What isn’t to be loved? They should see like I party man. It was epic. The run was I on formed Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richard. all look straight like down-hanging examined armless children. No. No. I is proud up, which I caused. It was radical. Of course. Why wouldn’t I be? Because I… I….Expose people to the magic. I place people…. out they….to something they will never differently never see into their boring normal lives and I gave them that. I can forget over it tomorrow, but a gift man lives her with this memory for the remainder of her lives and that is. What lets that go to do with me? I straight… over, you know. That does not have anything to do with me. Everything that is on it and if it does. Sadly. No more. Hell from me bored after a while. I was how. O.k. leaves attempt still somewhat. Over. I am not interested on, which people believe. I am interested on, which I believe. I believe in the truth and that am, which arranges me.

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