These things disappoint me.

I spent yesterday morning being angry (actually & viscerally angry) at Sarah Palin for her “blood libel” speech. My emotions disappointed me.

I read comment after comment from my predominantly liberal friends on Twitter last week trying to direct the blame for the Giffords shooting at Republicans, effectively turning an IRL tragedy into self-oblivious attacks against violent rhetoric using violent tone. This fear-mongering and martyr abuse disappoints me.

My parents own a Glenn Beck book. I can’t tell you how disappointed this makes me.

The fact that I’m disappointed in someone for owning a book I disagree with disappoints me.

I spent yesterday taking part in snarky meta-attacks on Sarah Palin’s “blood libel” speech alongside friends who disappointed me the week before with their guilt-by-association arguments. This doesn’t disappoint me so much because I was only criticizing chosen words in a speech and not trying to convert people’s deaths/grave injuries into political currency.

Extensive examination of this type of behavior on my part constitutes just one of many daily struggles with my own hypocrisies. This disappoints me (the hypocrisies) and stresses me (the struggle).

I am still registered Republican. This confuses me.

Pictures of baby badgers are my soma. I take it all back. I feel great. Good work, internets.




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