Athiests: 1, Christians: 0 in Fort Worth

The Fort Worth (TX) Transportation Authority, caving in to public pressure, banned all religious message ads from their buses.

The backstory is this. First, athiest groups started running ads on FW buses that read “Millions of Americans are good without God.”

Ft Worth Bus Ad

This got the Christian groups upset, obviously. But rather than letting this sort of petty politicking go, they banded together and fought back with their own bit of mildly funny childishness. They hired a billboard-mounted truck to follow these godless buses around town with rebuttal ads reading “I still love you. – God.”

Ft Worth Bus Ad

The FTWA got sick of the whole thing, as well as the constant debates about whether or not they should allow ads anyway, and in the end they said no more, taking their proverbial ball and going to their proverbial home. Meanwhile, their seemingly all’s-fair decision certainly favors the non-believers who started the fight in the first place.

Christian-angled ads reach far more Fort Worth commuters than atheist ones, and in essence, the athiest marketers succeeded not only in dissemenating their own message (for a brief, yet potent time) but also blocking the messages of their largest competitor. It wouldn’t be unlike a second-string linebacker starting a fight with Peyton Manning, only to get them both kicked out of the game. The punishment is balance, even if the end result is not.

Of course, the Christian groups should learn not to fight against smaller opponents, because every now and then, even little David can topple Goliath.




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