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on Irony

I’m going to take a moment to talk about the misuse of the word irony. I don’t claim this to be an original idea for a blog post as citing the misuse of irony might be more common these days than actually misusing irony. That, however, is hyperbole, and I will save that topic for [...]

A Really Greater New York

A fantastic article at Strange Maps on Dr. Kennard Thomson’s proposed plan for “A Really Greater New York.” In 1916, Dr. Thomson published his not-as-crazy-as-it-sounds concept in Popular Science. The Dutch had already been (re)claiming land in the North Sea, and the idea that humans and their newfound 20th-Century industrial machinery could lift solid sod [...]

Ad review: It’s more complicated than Kayak suggests.

It was bound to happen. That inevitable rupture between Mandy and Dave. And their raging river of problems runs much deeper than simply using different travel sites. might have helped Mandy maintain her sleep schedule, keeping her on time for her flight, but what of her not waking Dave before heading to the airport? [...]

Microsoft sells us the banality of despair

Video requires Silverlight. If you have problems seeing video, click here to view on original webpage. Q: What’s worse than existential grief? A: Probably Aristotelian irony in self-ignorance of said grief. That is what Microsoft seems to be selling us in this TV ad for Windows 7. It might be the saddest, most insidious 30 [...]

Dallas Cowboys semantics: rising versus declining

I think the greatest problem with this struggling Dallas Cowboys team is age. Age is one of the most important/least important elements in sports. The issue with age is how it changes actual talent, not potential talent, but actual talent. We’re fixated in the media right now on blaming either the players or the coaches, [...]

Nice Things Written on the Morning R Train

With hyperbolic drunk-style-love inflection, I tell you (sans literal drunkenness) that I am so very proud of my NY Neo-Futurists.  Part of that roots from the honorary Caffe Cino award given by the NY Innovative Theater Awards last night to the Neos for consistent production of outstanding work. Part was the nominations serving as clear [...]


Bryan Caplan at EconLog takes on the “stupid people shouldn’t have kids” notion. It’s a short read packed with lots of sense, even with just a twinge of straw man techniques. What’s interesting to me is his anti-cynic cynical stance on those (like me and probably you, too) who feel intellectually superior to the general [...]

more dancing, less plot

A few weeks ago, I received an email from an older family member. Not a real email, one with a subject line reading: “FW: Fw: Fwd: Fw: You think YOU can dance??…….” It was an uncleaned piece of chainmail glurge with an attached video (attached, not a YouTube link, but an attached .WMV file) of [...]

This should be fun in Vancouver

Drivers on 22nd Street in West Vancouver will soon encounter a unique traffic-policing device: a realistic image of a girl picking up a ball in the middle of the road. Because of the angle of the driver’s POV, the drawing on the road will be indistinguishable until the car is within about 100 feet. So [...]

Ad review: she’s going to need back surgery

Without fail, when I see ASA’s impossibly busty super-woman (below), I can’t help but linger. I suppose it’s natural for men (especially) to be drawn toward imagery of curvy women, but I don’t think that’s the case here. Notice how completely sexless this ad is. In fact, of all the Photoshopping of women’s breasts in [...]




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