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Haikus #1009-1013

Here are some haikus (or just haiku?) I wrote at our Falling rehearsal the other night. We had 10 minutes to write 5 poems. The titles are the prompts we made and drew at random. Pancakes Waffle House: wrong name. I mostly order pancakes. Yummy misnomer! shine a light into the cave Spelunkers know it. [...]

George Watzky is (obviously) pretty awesome

Slam poet George Watzky raps fast and good (well?). He’s got such an ease and charm on screen. For someone with such virtuosic talents, he lacks the pretension & braggadocio I usually associate with self-produced rappers. Also dig that cat, man. I first heard of Watzky via the IndieFeed: Performance Poetry podcast, when host Mongo [...]

haiku #1008 (midterms)

I wish we could have watched cartoons instead of that election night mess.

No no. I get you.

No no I get you. Government is incompetent. It makes sense. They told us one thing, and led us to another thing, and we went to war for a different thing entirely. They fed us news spins and embedded reporters thinning out their journalistic integrity like blackwater into anti-freeze. No no I get you. Goverment [...]

haiku #1007: written on KGB stoop before rehearsal

Red bean cake and time (to) travel when/where I can… or cannot. Who cares.

what they’re doing in Florida

They’re burning Qurans in Florida, and USA Today asks if this is a hate crime or freedom of speech or whether or not this act endangers American troops overseas. And I think that these questions miss the point entirely and deliberately. They’re burning Qurans in Florida, and the Dove World Outreach Center endorses a handful [...]

haikus #1003 – 1006 (irony)

#1003 (litter) You throw out your trash, but why? Socialism is tearing us apart. #1004 (lotto) He won the Lotto, but quickly declined his prize. Taxes were too high. #1005 (water) Water remembers like muscles, learning lessons in reflex and strain. #1006 (health care) Health care costs fortunes we do not have. War’s different. No [...]

haiku #1002

Email takes too long. Let’s make ironic T-shirts. Who still buys CDs?


Pretend this is about love— a poem about love. If it helps, I will break it into short, five line stanzas. But it won’t rhyme. You’ll have to pretend that, too. I don’t want to mess around with thesauri and dictionaries. It’s disappointing, I know. But don’t get caught up in prejudiced notions of form. [...]

trailer for HOWL

James Franco plays Allen Ginsberg in HOWL. Don Draper is his lawyer. Release date: September 24.




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