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A somehow adorable & informative animated explanation of Fukushima

Eevin Hartsough sent me this video (presumably for children?) to explain the Fukushima nuclear crisis. It’s a bit of levity for a really upsetting story. I particularly loved the explanation of Chernobyl vs Fukushima.

Nature is beautiful, scary as shit.

This slow-winding dust-devil shapes itself from plastic sheets covering the crop rows. Give it its 4+ minutes. It’s a pretty nice dance. (link via BoingBoing)

If other planets were as close as the moon…

This video puts a lot into perspective. Also: if Jupiter gets that close, we’re probably screwed. Scale from Brad Goodspeed on Vimeo. (via Laughing Squid)

A Really Greater New York

A fantastic article at Strange Maps on Dr. Kennard Thomson’s proposed plan for “A Really Greater New York.” In 1916, Dr. Thomson published his not-as-crazy-as-it-sounds concept in Popular Science. The Dutch had already been (re)claiming land in the North Sea, and the idea that humans and their newfound 20th-Century industrial machinery could lift solid sod [...]

What? Gross.

Why are we JUST NOW hearing about this? According to, astronauts often lose their fingernails in space… if they don’t just take them off before launch.

I believe (in air show rehearsals)

This is pretty creepy UFO footage from New Mexico. And it gets creepier when the news anchor compares it to video footage of UFOs over Manhattan this week. And then (spoiler alert) he mentions that there were air show maneuvers being done. Either way, I, for one, still happily welcome our new alien overlords.

Rushkoff’s new book

Listen, I’m not into hero worship, so take this as you will. But I think Douglas Rushkoff offers some of the most profound, philosophical insights going today. He is a 21st Century existentialist motivator, a general futurist, and a guy who know how to help you remain who you are despite the machinations of capitalism-catalyzed [...]

Brooklyn Space Administration

This father and sons lauched an HD camera into space on a weather balloon. And what came out of it is really cool. Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo. PS: Did I mention they’re from Brooklyn? (via Ee!!!)

Kettle chips and juice boxes: making America gay!

It’s violates my personal mandate not to give political blowhards any of my discussion time no matter how insane or widespread their message, but this is just amazing. There’s no political debate here, just tinfoil-hat perfection.

from the mouth of Rush Limbaugh

My friends, don’t ever try to hug a polar bear. You will die. A polar bear will rip your head off. If a polar bear shows up in your driveway, run for the hills—or don’t leave your house. Do not go out there and let it hug you.”




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