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Our pet walrus is buzzed.

There’s really not much to say about this, except maybe “what an asshole!”

A metaphor for my morning

(via Amy Goodyear)

Asshole cat gets his asshole sleep

Last week, I took two sick days in a row. That’s the first time I’ve had to do that since 1992 when I missed a week of school because I was in a car accident. So I spent it on the couch blowing my nose and coughing with purpose. I watched a lot of TV [...]


I have returned from being too sick (slash lazy) to blog. No more! Welcome back, me! (I hope to make it up with some extra posting goodness this week…) (img via The Daily What)

A metaphor for my morning

(via Arbroath)

A metaphor for my morning

Treadmill-punchers. (via Urlesque)

Concerned cat is concerned

(via The Daily What)

Also in cat news: floor omelets

Don’t watch this techno-scored video of cats hating/smashing eggs. (Why do cats hate eggs?) (via Laughing Squid

Business Cat goes to Olan Mills

(via Epic Ponyz)

Business cat is all business

(via WTF Japan, Seriously?!)




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