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Even 13 years later, this internet safety video makes tons of sense.

Part of a 1998 internet safety video for kids. Two quick highlights: 1) Some how those girls are chatting via Microsoft Works; and 2) There’s no way that dude with the mustache & sleeveless shirt is a 12-year-old named Lisa. (link via Urlesque)

This is way better than a ShamWow

Holy crap, do you see this? Do you see what it is doing? Want. (via WTF Japan Seriously?)

You know… for night blogging

Party Rats are little rats that you strap to your fingers that shine lights and are pitched as “ideal for night blogging.” Did you know about them? Now you do. (via Lauren Sharpe, who owns this shit…. at her HOUSE.)

A somehow adorable & informative animated explanation of Fukushima

Eevin Hartsough sent me this video (presumably for children?) to explain the Fukushima nuclear crisis. It’s a bit of levity for a really upsetting story. I particularly loved the explanation of Chernobyl vs Fukushima.

What is Internet? (a compilation of 1990s clips about the internet)

Look. They have the internet on computers now. (source: Urlesque)

Ken Jennings hedges his bet

(via [tba], source here)

Apparently I am not an only child (?)

I’ve not met, nor heard of, David Cranor before today, but I saw him credited on MAKE blog with putting an Xbee radio in a CT scanner. Now, I think we’re related. We have the same fairly unusual last name. We like to take pictures. We both take a re-/deconstructionist approach to artistic creation. (check [...]

RC Airplane tour of NYC

I love this. (via MAKE)

Panasonic Lumix: because nothing is art anymore.

An admittedly funny spot (“How did you compensate for the diminished light?” “Very well. Thank you.”), Panasonic plays up the generations-old stereotype of all art snobbery as wine-sniffing receptions to admire the emperor’s fancy new robes. And while I’d like to not get huffy about the simplemindedness of these phony photography aficionados, I would like [...]




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