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Athiests: 1, Christians: 0 in Fort Worth

The Fort Worth (TX) Transportation Authority, caving in to public pressure, banned all religious message ads from their buses. The backstory is this. First, athiest groups started running ads on FW buses that read “Millions of Americans are good without God.” This got the Christian groups upset, obviously. But rather than letting this sort of [...]

Changing the game one irrelevant rule at a time

This tv spot for 1800 tequila has been around for more than a year, I believe, and yet I’m continually fascinated by its utterly ridiculous sales pitch: the bottle cap doubles as a shot glass. A couple of things: What kind of person who drinks tequila doesn’t already have a shot glass? Or rather, what [...]

Panasonic Lumix: because nothing is art anymore.

An admittedly funny spot (“How did you compensate for the diminished light?” “Very well. Thank you.”), Panasonic plays up the generations-old stereotype of all art snobbery as wine-sniffing receptions to admire the emperor’s fancy new robes. And while I’d like to not get huffy about the simplemindedness of these phony photography aficionados, I would like [...]

I’m confused, scared, delighted by this.

Orangina makes weird, furry-fetish TV ads with outlandish claims. (via The Daily What)

Whoa. Not cool, Brazil.

I don’t want to be the everything’s-a-double-entendre guy, but this ad agency should know better. Or just cultural differences, maybe? Happy Thanksgiving! (via AdFreak)

Greater than OR equal to?

I’m curious about Ballaro Wine Bar’s choice of operator in this equation.

Mad Men über Alles

I don’t remember where I got this image from, but I found it this morning while looking for something else unrelated to Mad Men -comma- the German language. Anyway, the Germans have an interesting way of marketing AMC’s hit show. Translation: Behind every successful woman, there’s a man staring at her ass.

Ad review: It’s more complicated than Kayak suggests.

It was bound to happen. That inevitable rupture between Mandy and Dave. And their raging river of problems runs much deeper than simply using different travel sites. might have helped Mandy maintain her sleep schedule, keeping her on time for her flight, but what of her not waking Dave before heading to the airport? [...]

You and Your Johnson

OH! NO! (via AdFreak)

Challenging the definition of “appetite”

In thinking about those old, unsettling Weight Watchers recipe cards, here are some vintage ads of disgusting food. I guess food goes with hair, clothing, and music as far as styles that reach a laughable-zone of nostalgia. [insert existential grief joke here]




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