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Need this coffee…


What boys/girls do

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He’s okay. He’s wearing leather.

Also, “I say. I say. I say.” (via boingboing)

’cause I wonder where you are

(link via The High Definite; orig source unknown)

Hostages and cannibals make me want to buy your snack product. (TV ads as hyperactive literary analysis)

M&Ms commercials have always bothered me a little. There’s a loveability to the anthropomorphized, walking/talking CGI candies to be sure, but there’s no getting around their looming demise. So to say that we identify with the protagonists is immediately to say that we understand just how little their lives are valued by their surrounding society. [...]

Dear canvassers, stop destroying my positivity toward other humans

Portland, Oregon—not unlike SoHo here in NYC—is home to much socially/environmentally conscious foot traffic. With said liberal-minded pedestrians come many positives of urban living: Whole Foods, farmers markets, arts and parks, and growing small business. But one of the negative side-effects is canvassers. Here’s a segment of conversation I had with a canvasser for Children [...]

Rapping squirrels = marketing success

And really, success is more than just rapping squirrels, it’s also about really hideous animation played at 7fps.

Math troll

Either a really terrible student or a graffiti troll has struck this subway ad near my apartment. What the hell is going on in this unnecessarily complicated long division problem? I spent about 2 minutes staring at it trying to figure out how they even got off on this very wrong track. So, did they [...]

TLC sure does broadcast some crazy mess

The good folks at Urlesque brought up the point “the History, Discovery and Learning Channels are no longer anything like they used to be.” It’s something I’ve thought a lot about over the last 20 or so years: channels starting as one thing and then evolving into just another branded set of letters to pitch [...]

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Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising




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