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Choose two

(via I Love Charts)

Brooklyn tornado

Everyone has their Double Rainbow All the Way moments, and for these guys it was the Bushwick Tornado.

Of course this exists.


want. power outlet. sells this obvious (in retrospect) next generation of wall socket—standard 3-pronged outlet plus USB ports—for $19.95.

comedy and god

Perhaps you will learn something from this. I will. The Prop Comic Preacher from Airwave Ranger on Vimeo.

Mercy Cards

Better Living Through Design has these excellent Mercy Cards: “When you can’t find the right words, these cards will do the talking for you… invaluable in those awkward moments and completely worth $12.”

Making cyborg lemonade out of lemons

Filmmaker Rob Spence lost his right eye, so he chose to replace it with a wireless camera. He’ll be showing new work he’s created with this camera in Australia this week. On creating work with this eye camera: “I don’t want to be going to the bathroom or on a date with a girl and [...]




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