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A metaphor for my morning


Yes. That looks right.

You win, kiddo!

Charlie Sheen’s rant re-translated from the German

Thanks to Leah Winkler for the transcription of Charlie’s rant. Here’s the version I got from translating it to German and back. Inclination. My inclination. It is all inclination. They would borrow my brain for like five minutes and would be like „Geck! It cannot treat! Separate this hybrid, because it fires in a kind, [...]

The exercise regimen of madness

I can’t figure out if this is for real. It doesn’t seem to be, especially given the final beat of the video. But then I went to the Laugh Away website, and it seems like a non-humor-based, legitimate business? So either it’s a triple bizarre, would-be fitness craze or a really committed joke. Or perhaps [...]

Brooklyn New Yorkers: it could have been worse

Today, in two-day old news, there’s the notion that the New Jersey Nets are thinking of becoming the Brooklyn New Yorkers. The name, the domain, and three trademark logos have been registered through various outlets. There’s no telling who put these out there, and it’s equally likely to be a hoax, a reality, or a [...]

Awesome Japanese shirt-folding video

This is going to take some practice, but I seriously need to learn how to do whatever just happened here. (via WTF Japan, Seriously?!)

Don’t think of this when you go to bed tonight.

Toys like this form the bedrock of our country’s flourishing psychiatry community. (via Lusia Strus)

Why am I just now hearing about this?!

It’s floss… that’s flavored…. flavored like breakfast! (I fucking love waffles.) (via Weird Universe)




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